About Emirates Youth Career Counseling

Emirates Youth Career Counseling is one of the Federal Youth Authority’s initiatives contributing to building, enhancing and developing Youth’s experience and competencies. The initiative’s governmental interactive platform brings together HR specialists and experts in both the public and private sectors along with Emirati job seekers. It provides them with qualification, training and counseling services for their first professional step.

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Provide a smart electronic platform linking Emirati youth with HR experts and specialists.

Enlighten and prepare young Emirati job seekers for a successful job interview.

Benefit from the experience of Emirati cadres in the public and private sectors by qualifying, training and guiding Emirati youthfor their first professional step.

Enhance the contribution of the public and private sectors by enabling and empowering young people.

Human Resource Experts

Aamna Mohammed Al Shehhi
Abdulla Mohamed Al Banna
Abeer Khalaf AlHammadi
AbuBaker Sahil Alhashmi
Adel Ibraheem Almarzooqi
Amira Ali AlSerkal
Ayesha Mohamed AlTameemi
Aysha Hamad Alshamsi
Buthaina Atiq Abir
Dr. Hanan Abdullah Almarzooqi
Dr. Waleed Hassan Al Naqbi
Ezdehar Hamood Hassan
Fatima Mohammed AlShamsi
Fatima Saif Alshamsi
Hamad Mohammad Ibrahim
Hamad Suhail Mohammed
Hessa Helal AlKaabi
Huda Obaid AlSuwaidi
Ibrahim Ali AlHosani
Inam Yousuf AlKhaseebi
Jasim Ibrahim Al Haddad
Jawaher Salem AlMatroushi
Kalthoom Ebrahim Abdullah Hassan
Khaled Sultan AlDahmani
Majed Sultan Sulaiman Alzaabi
Mariam Rashed AlShumaili
Marwa Mohamed Al Ali
Maryam Saeed AlMheiri
Najla Tariq AlNahdi
Noora Rashed Al Keaibi
Noora Salem Alshehhi
Omar Mohammed Al Ali
Rafia Mohammad AlAbbar
Reem Saeed Bukhater
Rula Ramadan Shubair
Safiya Mohamed AlShehhi
Saja Abdulla Al Budehaish
Sami Mohamed Abouhatab
Shaikha Ali Alhebsi
Shamma Obaid Aldhaheri
Sheikha Haddaf Zayed
Sumayya Saif Al Mutawaa
Talal Fahad Abdulrahman
Zuhair Hameed Mohamed

Program Partners

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The program serves young people in the UAE in the age group of (18-35), including students, graduates and job seekers who would like to get in contact with HR experts.


01 What are the objectives of the "Career Counseling for UAE Youth" initiative?

his initiative aims to achieve a set of goals, and to enable young people to pursue professionalism in line with their talents and areas of interest, through:

  • Providing a smart electronic platform that forms a link between Emirati youth, experts and human resources specialists.
  • Contribute to educating Emirati youth seeking work and preparing them to be ready for successful job interviews.
  • Benefiting from Emirati expertise and competencies in the public and private sectors, and employing them in a way that contributes to qualifying, training and guiding Emirati youth and providing them with the necessary skills that enable them to successfully start their career.
  • Enhancing the contribution of the government and private sector in the process of training young people and enabling them to achieve their professional aspirations.
02 Who is the HR expert?

A person with broad knowledge and high skills in the field of human resources; they seek experience through practical knowledge. As well, taking advantage of all available academic and further opportunities.

03 What is the impact of this initiative on Emirati youth?

There is no doubt that this initiative has many positive effects, as it contributes to developing knowledge of all components of success and excellence in the career of young people, through:

  • Ensure that they are fully aware of the job interview process whilst capable of gaining the required skills and competencies.
  • Benefit from HR expert’s knowledge and accrued experience. 
  • Simplified accessibility to HR experts.
04 On the other hand, what is the impact of this initiative for experts in the field of human resources?

The initiative has a set of positive effects on the experts and specialists in the field of human resources participating in it, as it allows them to:

  • They will have the opportunity to share their knowledge and experience with others.
  • Share their success stories and contributions to the community.
  • Receiving acknowledgement and appreciation.
05 What are the criteria according to which HR experts are specified and selected?
  • There is a set of criteria upon which this group of experts and specialists in the field of human resources is chosen, namely:

    • Practical experience .

    • Professional achievements.

    • Qualification and practical certifications.

    • Communication and communication skills.

    • The ability to guide, direct, and impart knowledge to others.

06 What are the mechanisms of contacting experts?
  • Guidance and counseling on the phone
  • Guidance and counseling through a video call
  • Guidance and counseling through a face-to-face meeting
07 Is there any fee to take part in the initiative?

The aim of the initiative is to enhance and develop the experience and competencies of young people free of charge.

08 What are the rules to be accounted while contacting HR experts?
  • There are a set of rules that must be adhered to to ensure that this initiative achieves its goals of preparing a generation of young Emirati competencies, namely:

    • Commitment to time and quality of service that have been identified with the expert.

    • Preparing the questions you want answered before the date of the interview.

09 Who are the beneficiaries of the program?

This initiative targets Emirati youth between the ages of 18 to 35 years.

10 How can I take part in the program?

Those wishing to participate in this initiative can fill in the registration form, which is available on the website https://eycc.youth.gov.ae

11 How often am I allowed to contact experts?

You can use the electronic platform to get in contact with the HR experts directly for an indefinite number of times.  

12 Can government or local entities take part in the initiative?

The Federal Youth Authority welcomes all entities, whether government or local, to take part in its initiative.

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