About Emirates Youth Career Counseling

Emirates Youth Career Counseling is one of the Federal Youth Authority’s initiatives contributing to building, enhancing and developing Youth’s experience and competencies. The initiative’s governmental interactive platform brings together HR specialists and experts in both the public and private sectors along with Emirati job seekers. It provides them with qualification, training and counseling services for their first professional step.

Provide a smart electronic platform linking Emirati youth with HR experts and specialists.

Enlighten and prepare young Emirati job seekers for a successful job interview.

Benefit from the experience of Emirati cadres in the public and private sectors by qualifying, training and guiding Emirati youthfor their first professional step.

Enhance the contribution of the public and private sectors by enabling and empowering young people.

Target Group

The program serves young people in the UAE between the age group of (18-35) including students, graduates and job seekers.

The program also allows HR experts and specialists to render societal services by building the capabilities of young people and opening up more opportunities to get in direct contact with them.

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